Pitt hosts Renegades for game-night

water polo ball on water with players battling in a scrimmage

Pitt Men’s Water Polo host the Renegades.

Adults and College Squad have a practice game

October 18, 2018, was a special night in the sports world as there was a NFL football, ML Baseball (sorry Astros), NBA (the new player for the Laker’s, LeBron, can still dunk), NHL and water polo played at Pitt w Renegades masters.

Photos via Joie M and harvested from the Pittsburgh Renegades Facebook page.

Water polo player at 3 position with the ball looking to set up the offense.

Better cover that guy. He has an arm.

team snapshot

Four Akron players joining with Pittsburgh’s Renegades for Erie games, October 27

Akron icon

Akron Water Polo Club is on Facebook in a closed group.

Akron Reinforcements:

Four players from Akron’s masters water polo squad are going to join with the side from Pittsburgh at the Penn State Brehend tournament.

  1. Alec Swan
  2. Courtney Russell
  3. Louis M Clark
  4. April


Thanks to the host’s connections, three other players are slated to join the Pittsburgh Renegades for the game day too.

  1. Nick Willison (former WJ player),
  2. Shanen Lazenby (former Gannon player),  (* might miss morning game with conflict) and
  3. Anthony Squelia (former WJ player).

Pittsburgh’s players:

  1. Kinz
  2. Kiean
  3. Samer
  4. Ancilla
  5. Joie – maybe
  6. Adrienne Fyock – maybe (if her girls do not make state)
  7. Alyssa Diacono
  8. Eric Kress
  9. Dave

Squad Set!

Looks like 16 players, if both with questions are able to attend. Otherwise, 14. No additional players are needed.

Payment due: $25

Every player needs to chip in $25 for the day for game fees.


Game schedule

Game schedule for October 27 at Penn State B in Erie

Updates from the email newsletter

Practice Options:

Membership Dues:

$5 dues can now be paid to Venmo as well as Paypal
Venmo: Joie-Marhefka 

Future Games: October 27th @  PSB  Respond if you are interested.

Thank you Pitt for hosting us this past Thursday night!  Pictures can be found on our Twitter and Instagram pages.  Please find our site and follow along.

What are you doing Oct 27? Who wants to go with us to Erie?

Pending water polo schedule with masters games. We have a few who are good to go. Need more.

Pitt to host Masters at practice

Tonight, Thursday, 9/20. Be ready to get wet at 8 pm.

Coaches Chime In

Host coach, W&J’s Nikola

Penn State

team snapshot

PSU’s varsity water polo squad.

Mercyhurst Coach:

Mercyhurst Lakers logo

Mercyhurst University. Click image to visit the men’s water polo page.

Newsletter update from 9/2/18 from J.V.

We are currently on a 2 or 3 week break from practice. We currently have 3 pool possibilities and are looking into what will be the best option to keep regular practices.

This coming Saturday, North Allegheny High School would like to scrimmage with the Masters Women’s team. Time will most likely be from 10-noon. Email JV if you are interested in playing.

Our Leadership Board consists of: Gregory Kinzler, Joie Marhefka, Mark Rauterkus, Wilbert Kragten, Steve Hilty, and Jocelyn Vincent. We will be meeting within the next few weeks to discuss the coming season. If you have any suggestions, comments, items to be addressed, etc. then please send them my way.

Today wrapped up the NCAA Pittsburgh Labor Day tournament. The Renegades played in 1 game at Highland Park yesterday (picture attached) and 2 games at Washington & Jefferson today. It was a GREAT tournament and many thanks to those who organized and helped out: Mark Rauterkus, Nikola Malezanov, and Steve Hilty. Thank you Pam Kinzler for pictures. If you played i will filter some your way as she works through them. If you played and have not paid then please do!

If you are interested in any way of getting involved with youth water polo then please email: mark@rauterkus.com This is a great way to get extra pool time, show off your skills, and help grow the sport!

Future Tournaments:

Westskins Fall Invite, 2018, October 6 & 7

Click for larger view.

Wetskins Invitational in DC (flyer attached) Send JV an email if interested.

Wetskins Fall Invitational 2018

News coverage in the Trib


Great article.

Greg Kinzler, the student athlete, is a college senior in terms of academics, but it is just the second year on the team as he went to a different PSU Campus for the first two years of his engineering studies.

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