November 12

Alumni Game with Renegades at North Allegheny High School

Game Invite


With Thanksgiving break just around the corner, we have scheduled a date for our annual NA/Tiger Water Polo alumni game day:

Saturday, Nov. 30th

NA High School Pool

Warm Ups: 11 am

Game Time: 12 Noon

We invite alumni and masters players as well as current high school players – girls and boys. The more the merrier! It’s always a blast to bring everyone together for a reunion of sorts and a chance for some (who haven’t played in a while) to see if they still have what it takes! We look forward to seeing as many return players as possible for some water polo fun! If you’re a parent of a player, plan to watch the action. There’s no stress and the match ups are typically lively and quite fun to watch! 

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Coach Mark

Coach and publisher of various websites and books for cutting edge sports participants. Working with International Swim Coaches Association on a course for swim coaches who want to lead water polo teams. Call: 412-298-3432.

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