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We are in a new month! Please pay dues if you are an active member (you come to practice or plan to play in tournaments): $5/month

Practice this week:

  • Tuesday, August 7: Ammon Pool from 6-7:45pm
  • Thursday, August 9: Ammon Pool from 6-7:45pm
  • **Team Social following practice- location will be announced as we approach the date**

We had quite a few Renegade sightings this past week (pics attached):

Claudia Smith in Denali National Park in Kantishna, Alaska

Michael Braun, Gregory Kinz, and Kinz at the Quarry Scramble

Adrienne Fyock and Wilbert Kragten at the North Park Triathlon.

Summary from the Quarry: 3 great games. Lost in sudden death to the same team that beat us by 4 in the previous game!

We are currently looking for a pool for the fall. If you have a connection or know of one that might be “centrally” located then please send me an email!

Chartiers Valley in Bridgeville has reached out looking to start a high school program at the school. Please email: if you or anyone you know of might be interested. Very exciting times!

Labor Day Tournament is approaching! We need to know if you plan on attending.

Labor Day NCAA Men’s Tournament (3 Renegades Games):

Each player will need to pay $20 for the tournament fee before Labor Day. Payment can be made to the paypal account above or brought to Mark Rauterkus at practice. There is a cap of 20 players for the Renegades and it will be a first come first serve basis so register early. (Schedule below) Questions:

Saturday September 1st at Highland Park Pool
10:00 AM Mercyhusrt vs W&J
11:00 AM Ganon vs PSB
12:00 PM Renegades (Pittsburgh Masters) vs PSB B
1:00 PM Mercyhurst vs PSB
2:00 PM Ganon vs W&J
3:00 PM W&J Alumni vs PSB B
Sunday September 2nd at W&J Pool
10:00 AM PSB vs W&J
11:20 AM W&J Alumni vs Renegades (Pittsburgh Masters)
12:40 PM PSB B vs W&J
2:00 PM PSB vs W&J Alumni + Renegades

Please always send updates, pictures, questions, and comments our way!


With so many new members i am going to LOOK INTO ordering more shirts as a few people have asked.  I cannot quote the exact price as these are now additions to an old order.

If i recall the short sleeve were $12 (S-XL, XXL was an additional fee)
long sleeve were $14/$15  (50/50 cotton)
I asked about black hoodies with the same logo and pricing would be anywhere from $25-$35 depending upon the number ordered.
If we want to order team suits we need a minimum of 6 from Kap7.
Please respond with what you would want to order if we did place one:  short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, suit (sizing can be found on kap7 for suits).
Any other suggestions of attire or gear then send my way and i can shop around for pricing.

Find us on Social Media:


Regular Water Polo Practices continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We’ve got four more water polo practices at Ammon outdoor pool, weather permitting.
Then Ammon pool closes and the city only keeps a few pools open due to lifeguards going back to college, and students to school. So we’ll go to Northside’s Sue Murray outdoor pool for one week, 2 practices.
Then leading up to our Labor Day Weekend games on September 1 and 2, we’ll shift practices to Highland Park Pool.
All of the practice schedule details and links to locations are in a Google calendar that is linked to off of Anyone can subscribe to the Google Calendar and then copy dates easily to your own personal calendar. Reminders and such are then to your own desire.
The Google calendar has all of the events Coach Mark organizes. So if you are not interested in Underwater Hockey, ignore it.
An Underwater Hockey clinic is slated for 6 pm to 7:45 on Friday, August 10, at Ammon.
The Thursday social is going to be at the TGI Fridays at PPG Arena. We had a request for a Downtown location. No events at PPG Arena, where the Penguins play, so the place will have plenty of nearby parking.
A total of 14 events are being hosted at Ammon pool in the next two weeks, with four of them being the Renegades water polo practices. From 3:30 to 5;30 on most week days a water safety and SKWIM clinic is being conducted. Details at a new site,
Sign up for the matches on September 1 and 2 with site.
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo, the team for students in both high school and middle school from any school district (except NA, of course) is holding practices at South Park High School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9 AM until school starts then the practices shift to 7:30 to 9 PM. This new venture is looking for athletes. Do you know anyone? Pass the word. Coach Mark or Coach Christian can follow up. Kids from Pittsburgh, South Park, Mt. Lebo and Elizabeth Forward have been attending. More are expected from BP and Peters, at the least.
So far, Aquatic Game Play has happened with Coach Mark’s attendance this summer at:
  • Edgeworth Club in Sewickley,
  • South Hills Country Club,
  • Greensburg Country Club,
  • Citiparks Riverview,
  • Citiparks Ammon,
  • Windwood in Wexford,
  • and still to come at:
  • Green Tree,
  • Valley Brook,
  • Moraine State Park.
In the fall, we’ll resume the Saturday Swim School at Oliver High School on Brighton Road in the Northside. Another hope is to host practices on Thursday evenings at Pittsburgh Public Schools Perry High also on the Northside.
Think about PR for the Saturday, September 1 event at Highland Park Pool. We need a poster. Any artists? Would be good to hit coffer shops and try to get an audience for the gamest that day.
Think about leading part of a clinic for the fans and spectators, and perhaps youngsters, for the September 1 event at Highland Park Pool. Can you talk for 15 minutes and share some water polo insights as an expert? Going to ask the college coaches to do some of this, but we have experts with Renegades too. Sign up here.

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