March 11

Coaches education requirements from American Water Polo

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American Water Polo is adopting a new policy, effective March 20, 2019. The purpose is to provide the safest possible environment for our athletes to enjoy the great sport of water polo.

Certification Overview

The certification process involves these elements:

A coach must complete and submit all three certifications to become AWP Safety Certified (AWPSC). As of March 15th, only coaches that are AWPSC will be listed as active members and covered by AWP insurance policies.

Send HEADS UP and SafeSport certificates via email to  or

Club Requirements

Every club is required to have at least one individual that is AWPSC on deck during an activity involving AWP member athletes. Teams without an AWPSC coach will be ineligible for AWP competition.

Time and Cost

We recognize that these certifications will take the following time:

  • Background Check                                        5 min
  • Safe Sport Training                                       90 min
  • HEADS UP Training for Concussions            60 min

We appreciate your efforts and want to partner with you to keep your athletes safe and healthy. That is why American Water Polo will pay all costs involved with obtaining background clearances and Safe Sport Training (HEADS UP training is free).

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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